What are the Advantages of Single Room at Raffles Hotel?


Raffles Hotel is one of the resorts that provide many types of rooms, and one of them is a single room. What are the advantages of this bedroom? Here are some reviews about the single room in this resort.

Single Room at a Glance

A single room is a type of small room to accommodate only one person. In general, the facilities in this room type are not much different from other room types. 

The single room with a single bed that suitable for one person and generally measures 100 x 200 cm. This type of room has a more affordable price. If it is compared to other room types because it is smaller in size.

This type of room is very suitable for travelers who like to traveling alone because the price is quite affordable. A single room is a type of room that is considered feasible for travelers because it can save expenses.

Facilities in Single Room

Raffles Hotel provides a single room with adequate facilities and affordable prices, making it suitable for travelers. This room type consists of one room which is divided into several parts, namely the bedroom, bathroom, and minibar.

In the bedroom, there are facilities in a single bedroom complete with pillows and blankets, a TV, telephone, dressing table, and air conditioning. There is also a wardrobe with safe hangers and a laundry bag or a shoe polish bag.

Like rooms in general, the single room provides some decorations, tables, and chairs. Then in the minibar, there are several utensils, such as glasses, plates, spoons, refrigerators, and mini-sized storage areas.

In the bathroom, there are some facilities like a sink, mirror, towels, toiletries, toilet, trash can, and a bathtub. In addition to these facilities, there are several other facilities, such as slippers, Wi-Fi, alarm clocks, and room decorations.

The security of the single room at Raffles Hotel is also guaranteed because it has several powerful features. Some of the security features available including bed protectors, smoke or fire detectors, safes, and safety locks.

Advantages of Single Room

Although the price is reasonable, the single room is included as a type of room with satisfactory quality and has many advantages. A single room allows users to enjoy adequate facilities without spending a lot of money.

That is because this individual room for one person has a more contemptible price than other room types. The single room also has high privacy protection. Why is that so? It is because only one person can book this room. So you will not be bothered by other guests.

Besides being more private, single rooms are also suitable for those who like tranquility and freedom. The room is comfortable and quiet. You can spend rest time while traveling comfortably while watching TV or running online activities by using Wi-Fi. So, do you want to enjoy your trip to this hotel by reserving a single room? Try the promo now, and you will get extra bonus.


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